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Want to know Who We Are

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We're all working together, that's the success.

The team of Volunteers who have a mission to serve the community by providing innovative Library services. To give awareness of importance of paper recycling and then transform these waste papers into worthy Library collection.

How we Help You

We spread our mission and invite everyone who has some books in their home and want to fulfill their thirst for reading more books. We create an environment for reading the books in a peaceful attractive area. We will get the Bibliographical data and put it into our Union Catalogue by using KOHA LMS. Then we provide options for members to search and make a request directly to a staff member. Staff will then provide a courier service which will drop the book(s) to the member’s location.

Expert Advice

For the consulting and planning of your interior design you can be sure that competent experts and architects will be proud to create your personal solution.


Library is not built in huge area but in a room of every neighborhood. We provide Library Furniture, shelving design, Kids library special furniture.

Key Factors that Drove Our Idea

Increasing prices of books (especially academic titles) and non-affordability by the community.

Create a network of shareable home libraries, which emphasizes the importance of a library in the community and the life of individuals.

Filling an absence of poorly managed school libraries, as well as virtually non-existent public libraries in Karachi.

Addressing the low literacy rate of the population through engagement with reading and libraries. As well as making libraries more accessible by reducing social barriers to accessing collections.

To generate interest among members of the community for engaging with reading and sharing of books, using existing collections in the homes of community members.

Motivate communities to develop lifelong learning habits and engage in intellectual activities related to reading and pursuit of knowledge.

Providing a platform for librarians to reach out to the community and utilize their professional skills for creating the infrastructure to support community-based libraries.

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